Motorrad Rally 2020

Postponed till further notice


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From Monday 19 October 2020 -  09:00am
To Wednesday 21 October 2020 - 05:00pm
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The plan will be to get another instructor to fly the DG, a tow pilot and a wing runner for 19, 20 and 21 October. That’s Monday to Wednesday and a total of 12 participants for flying. (4 participants per day)
I plan to offer each participant a 1½ hour flight in either glider so we can have a look around the local area. October is usually a sensational month for weather, however that is no guarantee that the full flight time will be available.
The fixed costs are $50 for the Gliding Federation, $40 for the launch to 2,000’ and $1/min for the glider.
All up plan $180.00
If the flights are considerably shorter due bad weather, then the cost of the glider can be reduced.
The day will start at 0900 at the club house with and introductory briefing. From there we will all participate in getting the gliders ready and onto the airfield. After flying it would be appreciated if the last participant would help us put the gliders back in the hangar and give them a little clean to be ready for the next days flying.
If you bring your own linen and towel, then accommodation can be provided in the club bunk house for Monday and Tuesday night for an extra $10 per night per person. It’s basic but cheap."
If there is enough interest in this event 2 of the 12 places will be taken by Donna & myself so the would leave 10 places available.
Please indicate if you are interested by responding in the comments.