Loads of accessories for your motorcycle or next camping trip...
Sargent Seat LC RT.
DescriptionPerfect condition, non heated front Sargent seat for LC RT’s. A massive improvement in long distance comfort compared
$ 350.00
Muffler R1200GS 05
DescriptionStaintune, not loud but nice note
$ 100.00
footpegs R1200GS 05
DescriptionAftermarket, very good grip and wider than standard
$ 50.00
Rear brake lever R1200GS 05
DescriptionAftermarket, goes under foot ped, Aluminium and stainless steel.
$ 50.00
Brake and Clutch levers R1200 GS 05
DescriptionAftermarket, Billet Aluminium Hinged
$ 50.00
05 R1200 GS Headlight protector
DescriptionVentura Headlight protector
$ 20.00